How to make a stereogram using Vdraft (our CAD system)

To activate the stereogram program embedded in Vdraft

1. download and install the 30 day trial version of Vdraft

SoftSource's Vdraft CAD system demo

2. next download one or more 3D AutoCAD or DXF drawings:

Legoman in AutoCAD DWG format
Stereograms text in AutoCAD DWG format
XR7 airplane in AutoCAD DWG format

3. next select the Help menu from the Vdraft toolbar
4. then select About Vdraft…

5. then the hidden part
- select the graphic hat while holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard

6. The stereogram program will start displaying the Dialog box:

While the process to create stereograms is simple using Vdraft, creating good stereograms is much harder.

For more about Strereograms in Vdraft email

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