Topographical Pictures

Topographical Pictures

All these images were created with a program written using DXE. The data used to generate the images came from USGS (the US Geological Survey).

...Mount Rainier (640x480 256 colors 210k). Rendered image of the Mount Rainier area. The view is looking to the south at sunset.

...Grand Canyon (640x480 256 colors 257k). Rendered image of part of the Grand Canyon.

...Mount Baker (1024x768 256 colors 599k). Rendered image of the area around Mount Baker, Mount Shuksan, and Baker Lake. The valley running along the top contains the north fork of the Nooksack River. The view is looking to the north before sunset.

...Mount Baker (1024x768 256 colors 397k). Same view a couple hours later.

...Mount Baker (640x480 16 colors 44k). Quick shade image of the Mt. Baker area

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